Horse riding enthusiasts? Beginners in this exciting sport?

In horse riding, the choice of clothing is not negligible for your
comfort and safety. As accessories, you will need a well-fitting riding hat
(meeting safety standards) as well as a pair of boots with a smooth sole and a
small heel. It will also be advisable to invest in a pair of riding gloves as
well as a body protector to ensure good protection. In terms of clothing, a
pair of jodhpurs or riding pants is recommended rather than jeans or other
conventional trousers. However, it will not be necessary to invest a small
fortune in new equipment, as you can buy them second-hand . You just need
to find out before buying clothes and accessories that fit well and meet strict
safety standards.

Riding hats

This is undoubtedly the most important accessory. If you are not
wearing a safety helmet or hat, meeting equestrian safety standards, then you
will not be able to ride your mount. Also known as a riding bomb, this hat is
provided by many riding schools for beginners. However, if you want to ride
often, it is better to have your own, as the padded lining adapts to the shape
of the wearer’s head.

How to make the right choice?

The choice of a riding helmet should not be made lightly. It will
first be necessary to measure the rider’s head with a tape, on the forehead and
above the ears. The fit must be perfect: neither too big nor too small. If you
buy online, be sure to view the sizing chart so that you don’t make a mistake.
You can also try it on and see if it fits your head or not; if it is too tight
or on the contrary too big! Once you’ve put everything in place and adjusted
the helmet lining, then all you have to do is attach the chin strap. In any
case, the dealer must give you the best advice to make your choice easier. Once
you are fully satisfied, you can add a little more design and choose a colour
that suits you!

Riding shoes

It is imperative to wear the right boots, because imagine for one
second that your horse is trampling on your foot. Your toes will be sore and
you may not be able to ride for a while. Also, having the right boots is
essential for a good grip in the stirrups.

There are two main types of riding boots: long boots and short
boots or Jodhpur boots.

Making the right choice of boots

At the time of purchase, you must first identify the type of boots
you want. There are lace-up boots and dressage boots. The former are suitable
for English disciplines such as Hunter, or flat racing. Dressage boots as the
name suggests are reserved for dressage. We also find the short boots, more
modern and elegant, adored by the female gentleman.

Riding pants

Riding pants are useful to have a good comfort once on your horse.
When choosing the right pair of jodhpurs or pants, you need to think about
their fit once you are in the saddle, as it makes sense that you will be on
your horse most of the time. It is particularly recommended to choose a pair
made of stretchy, non-restrictive fabric. You must have good freedom of
movement and excellent grip in appropriate places such as the knee or seat. The
choice of colour is entirely up to you. However, colours such as white, cream
or chamois are more reserved for competition or hunting.

Riding gloves

It is not uncommon to find that the most experienced riders have a
fairly hard hand. Indeed, since the little and ring fingers are the fingers
that are most used on horseback, blisters are often seen in these areas. In
order to avoid blisters as much as possible and to keep the hands always soft,
it is still advisable to wear riding gloves. Do not use just any kind of
gloves. Ask the seller whether or not they are suitable for this equestrian
sport. How to choose them? Take a pair of stretchy, adherent and especially
reinforced gloves where you hold the reins.

Protective accessories

Protective accessories are indispensable because accidents happen
quickly, especially on horseback. They are important because they reduce the
impact of a fall or a kick from a horse. Also, you will feel more confident,
especially if you are new to the field. Just like hats, this safety equipment
must comply with standards.